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Work Content Estimation

Work measurement is the application of techniques designed to establish the time for an average worker to carry out a specified manufacturing / assembly task at a defined level of performance. It is concerned with the length of time it takes to complete a work task assigned to a specific job.

Types of Various Work Measurement Techniques

1) Stop Watch Time Study​                                                      2) Production Study​

3) Work Sampling                                                                   ​4) PMTS (Predetermined Motion Time Standards)

PMTS (Predetermined Motion Time Standards) is a technique for studying work methods. In this technique, work is divided into micro elements that are standard in any activity. These micro elements are represented by symbols. Predetermined values (Index Values) are then assigned to these symbols. Work Content / Time standard is arrived at by Arithmetic calculations. PMTS technique for work measurement has an  Universal Approach,  provides Adequate Accuracy, is   Easy to Understand and Learn , provides Consistent Results ,  Encourages Method Development  and Improvement .

​​​​    1) Set standards for regular pace of work
    2) Determine best method (compares apples with apples)

    3) Job costing with direct labor minutes
    4) Basic building block for Process Improvement & Work Instructions

 PMTS techniques:

    1) MTM® - (Methods Time Measurement)

    2) MOST® - (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique) ​

    3) MODAPTS® - (Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards) [About /  Training  & Certification]


(PMI is the only company in India who are authorized to take up Consulting Projects, Training and Certification in MODAPTS®)

What PMI does

Depending upon the objective and scope of a consulting project, PMI experts apply: ​

PMTS Work Measurement Techniques to "measure the work" and

Industrial Engineering Techniques to "streamline the processes"



Work Content Estimation techniques have applications across various industries like:

 Manufacturing                                          Supply Chain                                                Service                          

Assembly Lines                                        Warehousing                                                 BPO Operations ​

Machine Shops                                        Loading Operations                                       Hospitals​

Job Shops                                                Kitting                                                            Banking

Testing & Repair                                      Order Processing 

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