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Training & Certification

Apart from consulting projects, PMI also takes up training sessions in Industrial Engineering. Training programs and their details are mentioned below:​​

​1) One day training session on PMTS implementation​

- Basics of  Industrial Engineering​

- PMTS Philosophy ​

- Do's & Dont's during implementation

​​​2) Five day MODAPTS® Training & Certification

Day 1
1) Work Measurement – History & Background
2) Types of Work Measurement system & Brief on Time study
3) Introduction to PMTS
4) Various PMTS technique & Comparison on PMTS Vs Time study
5) Introduction on MODAPTS® & Advantages
6) Basic classes of MODAPTS® & work content calculation
7) Understanding on Movement type.

Day 2
1) Review on Movement type.
2) Understanding on Terminal type.
3) Theoretical & Practical examples on Movement & Terminal type.
4) Case study on Movement & Terminal type

Day 3
1) Review on Movement & Terminal type
2) Examples on load factor
3) Auxiliary type introduction
4) Practical examples on combination of movement, Terminal & Auxiliary type

Day 4
1) Case studies on combination of movement, Terminal & Auxiliary type.
2) Understanding on TACT
3) Manpower Calculation

4) Line balancing
5) PMTS implementation – Do‟s and Don‟ts
6) Productivity concept
7) Question & Answer session

Day 5
1) Sample video examples on MODAPTS® using all basic classes combination
2) Software Training (If Required)
3) Examination / Revision Test – 2nd Half.

​Benefits of Training & Certification
1) Participants will get CLEAR perspective of various work content estimation techniques with details of PMTS.​
2) Participants will get exposure to analyze manual activities with MODAPTS® technique.​
3) Understanding the importance of noting down elemental details as well as their implication on overall work content.​
4) At the end of the session, participants will understand resource requirement calculations, line balancing, productivity concepts etc​
5) Participants will be able to see opportunities of methods improvement through elemental details.​​

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