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Productivity Tools

PMI has partnered with leading software companies in Simulation and Scheduling apart from ingeniously developing a Work Content Measurement Software in house. Through its channel partners, PMI provides best in class services related to software sale, training, consulting etc. PMI is the authorized reseller for Simulation Software SIMUL8® and Scheduling Software Preactor®. PMI provides Software Training and also takes up consulting projects in Simulation, Scheduling and Industrial Engineering​.

SIMUL8 Corporation develops, markets, and supports business simulation software that enhances the way people make and communicate decisions.

Primary goal of SIMUL8 Corporation is to make the benefits of simulation supported decision making accessible to mainstream computer users. To achieve this, they have developed high-quality software that is easy to use and affordable – without compromising on the range of functionality it offers.​ For further information on SIMUL8, please click on the logo. For Case Studies please click

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