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As-Built Services


Developing 3D CAD models using 3D laser scanning technology, provides users with detailed point clouds which enable 3D modelling for diverse tasks including plant layout and enhanced data presentation with augmented reality. PMI provides accurate as built CAD models (2D & 3D) of your existing layouts including overhead structures, material handling equipments, HVAC, piping etc. These 3D CAD models are built in layers which makes it very simple for future modifications & expansions.

What we do


As – Built Services:

 - 3D Scanning using sate of the art Laser Scanning Machine.

 - Conversion of Point Cloud Data to CAD Models (2D &3D)

 - Existing layouts, Equipments, Overhead Structures, HVAC, Piping etc…


Layout Engineering:

 - Factory Layout & Developing GA Drawing.


2D to 3D Modeling:

 - Convert hardcopy, PDF, TIFF files, etc. into any 3D CAD program such as Inventor®, 3D AutoCAD®, NX®, Solid Edge®, etc.

 - 2D to 3D factory layout

 - 3D Digitizing


Reverse Engineering

 - Physical Model to CAD Model

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