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MODAPTS® is a third generation predetermined time system:​

  • Developed by Mr. G C Heyde

  • Introduced in 1966

  • Widely accepted PMTS Technique (Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand,           Korea & USA)

  • Rating factor eliminated

  • Accurate system

  • Encourages Methods development

The name MODAPTS® is derived from "  MOD  ular  A rrangeme nt of Predete  rmined  T ime Standards ." MODAPTS® can be used manually or with the aid of a desktop computer.



  • Very few activity types.

  • Easy to understand and use.

  • Index values are for a specific activity and not for a range of activities resulting in improved accuracy of standards.

  • Simultaneous activities can be easily identified and assigned.

  • Clerical and administrative activities can also be addressed.

  • Can handle sizable band of cycle time – No need to change the PMTS technique even if there is change in cycle time​.

  • Minimum subjectivity​.

  • Less complications as far as number of parameters are concerned​.

  • Parameter definitions as well as values are specific and clearly defined therefore makes it easy to estimate the activity​​.

  • Cost of training, certification and re-certification is less.

  • MODAPTS® has been used for more than 20 years in more than 40 countries around the world.






  • Determine correct and efficient work method​

  • Divide the work method into elemental details​

  • Every elemental detail to be identified by 2 part code​

  • First part indicates the type of activity​

  • Second part indicates a number or index value​

  • This index value is called as “MOD”​

  • 1 Mod = 0.129 secs or 0.00215 mins



All activities are classified in 3 basic classes of Elements

Movement class

  •  - This class refers to the movement through space done by “Finger, hand, arm, shoulder, trunk” .

  •  - This class must be followed by Terminal class

Terminal class
 - Activities done at the end of the movement. They are in close proximity to the things being worked on.


Auxiliary class
 - Activities that are not performed with “Finger, hand, arm, shoulder, trunk” system



  •  Vast background experience of Two wheeler, Four wheeler, Ware house and Construction equipment industry.

  •  Hands on experience on implementation of PMTS standards

  •  Training to managers, front line supervisors, union leaders and operators

  •  Experienced in wage settlement implementations

  •  Unique approach of writing elemental details - avoids skipping of any micro element

  •  Concept of “master Elements” reduces “Applicator Time” to a great extent

  •  Elemental details prompts for methods improvement

  •  Suggestions for improvement while conducting MODAPTS® study

  •  ONLY certifying agency for MODAPTS® in India

PMTS Project Plan


  • Visit to the manufacturing facility

  • Details of operations / processes to be studied

  • Proposal Submission

  • Process mapping & Data Collection

  • Activity / Operation wise Observation & Video Shooting

  • Elemental details preparation and validation

  • Work Content Estimation and preparation of Final Reports

  • Line Balancing (if required)

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