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About PMI

PMI (Production Modeling India) is an Operations Consulting Firm founded in 2006 as the Indian arm of PMC (Production Modeling Corporation) which has been providing Operations Improvement services to its clients for over 32 years. Over the last 6 years, PMI has successfully completed a number of Industrial Engineering and Simulation projects in India and around the world for various industry sectors including Automotive, Auto Component, Two Wheeler, Steel and Service. The PMI team is growing steadily with more experienced and enthusiastic consultants selected and trained through our unique processes.  PMI’s vision is to be full service engineering consulting firm providing high ROI solutions to clients across the globe.​​


At PMI, we are driven by our core values​​




Services Offered

  •          Discrete Event Simulation Modeling

  •          Industrial Engineering

  •          Time Studies | Work Measurement (Direct & Indirect Areas)

  •          Line Balancing | Production Study | VA / NVA Analysis

  •          Laser Scanning and Conversion (As - Built)

  •          CAD Conversions (2D to 3D)

  •          Training: Simulation / Industrial Engineering / MODAPTS® (Advanced Work Content Estimation Technique)

  •          Certification: MODAPTS®

Why PMI?


  • One Stop Shop - for all your Industrial Engineering and Simulation requirements

  • Over 100 years - of combined team experience across Shop floor, Consulting, Training and Management

  • Excellent mix - of Experiences and Seasoned Professionals as well as young, energetic and enthusiastic engineers

  • Our dedication - to I.E Services gives you the confidence to increase your production, productivity, profits and move your business forward.​

  • Our team is your team - dedicated to reducing your effort, restraining your costs, responding to your problems, and anticipating your needs.

  • It's like having your own Industrial Engineering Team – at a fraction of the cost

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